Who is Nick Van Loy?


“I've never heard of him before!” unknown reader of books

"Must be another self-proclaimed literary genius." unknown rival

"He hasn't come across my interviews." unknown paparazzi


Here's what we do know so far:

Imagine a young man with a passion for the written word, with enough imagination to create multiple worlds in his mind. He is occasionally seen wearing pants in his hometown in Nijlen, Belgium. He wrote his first novel back in 2008 and about two years later his second novel followed. It took until 2017 before he found to courage to rewrite that second novel and finally send it to publishers in 2020. 

And did we mention he is also tall for no reason whatsoever?



Read his books to find the autobiographical elements to get to know the real Nick Van Loy.

But whatever you do, don't send him an e-mail!

Just kidding, feel free to do so, he loves the attention.