Campus UT, Austin, TX

At the table next to me was a girl, but not an ordinary girl.

The weather was so hot, so burning, that she almost didn’t wear any clothes.

Her hair, resembling the autumn colours.

A ring pierced through her nose, making it clear she wasn’t to be messed with.

She had a helmet with her, but no motorcycle in sight.

In my mind she was riding a scrambler to campus, but instead of driving it all the way there, she would leave it outside of campus,

because deep inside she wanted to be just a normal, typical Texan girl.

She was a badass, that was for sure.

Every boy, or man around her, turned his head towards her at least a couple of times.

I was no exception.

I was drawn to her.

I bet we all imagined how she would look without the little clothes she had on,

although every detail of her body was already visible.

Even the wildlife came alive around her, like a modern Pocahontas.

After a closer look, she did have some resemblance to her.

The atmosphere around her cried out peacefulness.


(Campus UT, Austin, TX)