Frequency of Fate

By |2023-09-17T17:44:39+01:00September 17th, 2023|Short fiction|

In the heart of that quiet little town, there was a weekly ritual that gripped the community like an invisible thread. Every Sunday evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows across the sleepy streets, the townsfolk gathered in their cozy living rooms. It was an [...]

Tracks of Solitude

By |2023-09-17T17:37:32+01:00September 12th, 2023|Short fiction|

In a forgotten corner of America, tucked away in a quiet, timeless town, lived a man named John. He was a man of solitude, content in his own company, and always yearning for a simple life. When an opportunity arose for him to work as a night guard at [...]

A Distant Past

By |2023-09-06T23:17:51+01:00June 23rd, 2022|Short fiction|

My name is Gabriel and I just turned ten years old, and I already have one true enemy—the sun. To say I’ve been brought up in a dark environment is an understatement. For as long as I can remember, and I can only remember the past two years, I [...]


By |2021-10-30T16:49:25+01:00October 30th, 2021|Short fiction|

I pulled my arm back in and rolled up the window. My watch said it was 3:55. Almost 4 AM and I was still driving through the night. I was glad we left Austin around midnight. That way we could beat the morning traffic. We were looking forward to [...]


By |2021-10-19T11:17:10+01:00October 19th, 2021|Short fiction|

Red means stop, orange means caution, and green means go. I watched as the light in front of me went from orange to red while my car came to a halt. It was the only car on this street, so I had all the time in the world to [...]

El Curandero

By |2022-03-12T14:50:26+01:00August 12th, 2021|Short fiction|

I looked at the bar, thinking to myself. “What the hell am I even doing here? This is nothing but a scam, a complete waste of time.” The keys of my car were dangling in my hand, still unsure about my decision. I pressed the key and I heard [...]

El Enano Loco

By |2021-07-29T14:10:44+01:00July 29th, 2021|Short fiction|

I suppose I had it coming. People just aren’t good for each other. Maybe I should start by introducing myself and give you a general idea of how I got here. My name is Javier and I’m a petty car thief. I’m not proud of it, but I have [...]

Tequila Smiles When Jazz Notes Cry

By |2021-10-26T11:12:54+01:00March 13th, 2021|Short fiction|

It seemed that overnight the people decided they could live without his writing. That it wasn’t necessary for this world. Jack was finished. The readers chewed him up and spit him out, down the river with the rest of the turds. Jack kept burning the midnight oil, trying to [...]

Limen Balenn Nan

By |2021-07-29T14:41:02+01:00March 3rd, 2021|Short fiction|

New Orleans, a city buried deep down in the Louisiana bayou. Laura had always been attracted to the musical vibe coming from the city. Originally, she wanted to go during Mardi Grass, but every hotel was fully booked a year in advance. Her backup plan was to visit the [...]

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