One Last Summer

Four friends, one journal, one trip, one last summer.

Eric Palmer is all set to start fresh. As he gets ready for college, he spends one last summer with his friends. 

On one of the last days of summer, he receives a package from his father, which he hasn’t opened yet. Later that day, he gets a phone call from his mom, telling him that his father has passed away. 

He then embarks on a cross-country road trip to attend the funeral. This trip gets complicated when he opens the package from his father and discovers a journal, with a written confession of the horrible secret they covered up. Eric will soon find out what happens when the past comes back to haunt you.

A story about friendship, the meaning of life, and a search for identity.

One Last Summer is a modern American odyssey, packed with adventure. It’s perfect for readers who love to be on the open road, longing for freedom.

“I give it five stars for keeping the thrill but also because not all authors are able to make you picture every single scene in your head as he always does in a meaningful way.” -Stephany

“A book filled with mysteries that keep you on the edge of your chair, hoping that the answers will reveal themselves when you turn the page.” -Bart

“The side characters in this book were incredible too, loved how he captured nostalgia along-with journey with friends all bound to go to universities.” -Saloni

“Each character had his unique role to play, and they all played it well. I commend Nick for that aspect.” -David

One Last Summer

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