Right in the middle of his gap year, Brian embarks on a new path as an aspiring painter. However, much like the direction of his life, his artistic career seems to be heading nowhere. The weight of his troubled past and the lack of success in his paintings plunge him into a deep depression. In an effort to lift his spirits, Brian’s parents surprise him with a trip to Tokyo, a city he has always yearned to explore. To ensure his well-being, they send his sister Marissa along to keep a watchful eye on him.

During his time in Tokyo, Brian crosses paths with a mysterious stranger who promises to have the solution to all his troubles. Intrigued, he follows him to Super Potato, a renowned gaming arcade nestled in the heart of Tokyo’s entertainment district. Little does Brian know that this decision will lead him into a dangerous game, where his life hangs in the balance. In a twist of fate, he is no longer Brian, but rather assumes the identity of Jiro, a skilled hitman affiliated with the notorious yakuza.

As Jiro, Brian finds himself immersed in a world that fulfills his wildest dreams – a successful career and a loving girlfriend. This unexpected turn of events sets him on a quest for self-discovery, all while accompanied by a peculiar talking cat that mysteriously appears by his side.

Meanwhile, Marissa becomes aware of Brian’s disappearance and refuses to rest until she finds him. Unexpectedly, she forms an unlikely alliance with someone she least expected to assist her in the search.

As Brian delves deeper into his new persona, he soon realises that running away from his problems only leads to their inevitable pursuit. In a thrilling journey of self-realisation and unexpected alliances, Brian must confront his inner demons and find a way to reclaim his true identity before it’s too late.


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