Reviews One Last Summer

One Last Summer by Nick Van Loy tells the story of a young guy, Eric Palmer whose long-held secret comes back to haunt him after receiving a surprise package from his dad, before heading for a trip with his friends.

Eric tries to conceal the package and the content of the package from his friends. Will he accomplish his objective? Yes, or no? If yes, what’s next?If no, any after effect? Let’s find out in this amazing tale – One Last Summer.

For me, the book’s pacing is good. Not too fast. Not too slow. Nick Van Loy was able to carry me along his imaginative world with a smooth ride. I feel a lot of readers will flow well with the novel because of the smooth transitioning between scenes. Unlike some other novels where the ride is slow and boring, or fast and inscrutable, Nick’s One Last Summer is cool and exciting to flow with.

Nick’s writing style is another praise-worthy aspect of his art. His artistry ability to paint exciting scenes with his pen is top-notch. It is my advice that before you pick up the book to read, you should have taken good care of your surroundings. Why? Reading One Last Summer may make you forget about your surrounding circumstances. Sorry. Not may. Will. It will make you forget about your surrounding circumstances. The writer’s writing style is unique -simply beautiful.

Your ride with the book will make you meet some cool characters. Some major. Some minor. Still, all reactive. You will even relate to most of their experiences. You get to feel what they feel -like the feelings between Eric Palmer and Naomi; the feelings between Eric Palmer and Darius Palmer; the feelings between Eric Palmer and Sarah. We experience these feelings personally. Reading this book makes you recollect some of those, your cool and not too cool memories. You just feel connected with the pages. Words after words; pages after pages; chapters after chapters; the whole book. You just get that close connection. Each character had his unique role to play, and they all played it well . I commend Nick for that aspect.

Masterfully painted story. Good pacing. Fully developed characters. Unique writing style. Thus,I rate the book four out of four stars.

I recommend the book to young adult fiction readers. However, the book is not just for teenagers and younger adults, because older folks can also relate well to the story.


Eric Palmer receives a strange package that has to do with a secret he’s been trying to hide. He will also get the news that his father just died and strange as it may sound, Eric decides to go on a trip with his friends on his way to the funeral since it’s his chance to be with them before each of them goes to different universities. I would say this book is intriguing, thrilling, mysterious but also exciting. Little by little will Nick reveal information which will totally want you to keep reading more and more. Overall I loved it and would recommend it. I give it five stars for keeping the thrill but also because not all authors are able to make you picture every single scene in your head as he always does in a meaningful way


I really loved this book. Van Loy’s writing is so good. I love how he leaked tiny bits of information throughout the book to make the bigger picture at the end, it kept me hooked the whole way through. The side characters in this book were incredible too, loved how he captured nostalgia along-with journey with friends all bound to go to universities. His father’s journal even adds to the motif of a ‘trip down the memory lane’ as his past keeps haunting him throughout.
Overall the book is packed with adventure, and it’s a beautiful story about friendship, the meaning of life, and a search for identity. It’s perfect for readers who love to be on the open road, longing for freedom.

– Saloni Jain

An inspiring story of a young man who wants to go on a last adventure with his friends before they all are heading their own way in life. Burdened by the past, something he tries to forget or wants to cope with it himself, follows him in an unexpected way. This roadtrip will confront him with more things than he was expecting for…

A book filled with mysteries that keep you on the edge of your chair, hoping that the answers will reveal themselves when you turn the page.