In search for black gold in the Minca jungle

By |Published On: September 29th, 2020|

When I say Colombia, most people think about a notorious drug lord and the most dangerous comuna in the world, but when I hear Colombia, my mind drifts off to the one thing that is able to wake me up in the morning: coffee, also known as black gold.

Colombia is often regarded as one of the top leaders in producing world-class arabica coffee. But what makes Colombian coffee so good to be considered the best in the world?  

Of course, Colombia has the perfect climate for growing coffee. The mountainous terrain, tropical temperatures and the perfect combination of high rainfall and just enough sunlight all have input in creating the perfect coffee-growing country. And now I was finally here myself. After several years of dreaming of coming to Colombia, I was able to discover first-hand what makes this country so special.

There was a small language barrier, given the fact I don’t speak a word of Spanish and most Colombians don’t speak English that well. After doing some research online, I was able to find a local guide with excellent knowledge of the English language, Juan Carlos from Bukap Travels. We drove through the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, right into the small town of Minca. This little town used to be under the control of the guerrilla group FARC, but when they left, more and more backpackers found their way into this picturesque area. There are several hostels around with breathtaking views, surrounded by wild mango trees. Something we can only dream of back home, being able to wake up and just pluck one right out of a tree for breakfast. Not only wild mango trees can be found here. I also saw plenty of avocado trees along the way, another Colombian fruit of success for the country.

 I can understand why this place is so alluring.  What better place to understand how people can live in this jungle, than a town where time seems to stand still?

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    1. Stephany Rosas Manzano October 18, 2020 at 10:30 pm - Reply

      Hi Nick!! Amazing! Again it was delightful to know a part of the 🌎 through your words. I kid of felt empathy for you as I am a person whose blood is attractive to mosquitoes and felt happy you had the glance to swim after experiencing the blistering heat 😆 lol hahah I wonder what it feels like for Europeans when you’re so used to cold weather haha. Now I want to tell the story of my trauma with coffee…once when I was a child, I drank coffee and it terribly irritated my stomach, it was a horrible experience which made me avoid it eversince..I know it doesn’t sound as bad and maybe it was because I was a child but anyways I am planning to give it a chance again, I’m optimistic my body will welcome it. My Colombian friend just recommended me two of them “mesa de los santos” and “Amor perfecto”, which you might happen to know and I’d like to try. Also didn’t know they grow cacao! That bakery sounds like a must! My mouth watered since I love sweet bread like that oh God besides it’s French bread, yummy yummy. I just really need to go to see birds! Love them! And that part about the cat was funny …I must say I had read this article before but hadn’t had the chance to comment and loved the pics you have on instagram too ..that street art wow! My respect to all those artists. I just find it so unbelieveable to paint things with those dimensions. So thanks again for this story. Oh I forgot, I must you Spanish so it’s not a barrier for you hhahah.

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